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electronic systems and networking group
dibe - university of genoa - italy


Smart Information Processing

The activity focuses on methods and algorithms for advanced information processing and their implementation on electronic systems. It includes state-of-the-art methods for the analysis and processing of information and the induction of models from experimental data, based on statistical and artificial intelligence techniques. The main research activities aims at combining Computational Intelligence (e.g. neural networks, machine learning methods, etc.) with Electronics and Computer Science to solve real-world industrial and scientific problems, which cannot be effectively solved by conventional methodologies and systems. Innovative techniques for information processing are implemented on a large spectrum of computing facilities and devices.

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Advanced Electronic Systems and Smart Embedded Applications

The research aims at the definition and implementation of advanced algorithms for modeling and signal processing, including empirical onnectionist approaches, neural methods, and statistical methods. The development of the support architectures, typically involving embedded electornic systems, ensures the continuity between theoretical studies and the effective deployment of the resulting technologies. Current application domain includes: intelligent methods for the objective quality assessment of video and pictures, advanced clustering algorithms for text/picture mining isn e-government and information extraction, embedded systems for complex domain modeling and control. We are also active in information security-related applications such as network security, log correlation, data inteligence, and on-line monitoring.

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E-learning and innovative practices for creating, sharing and disseminating knowledge

The activity covers the development of methods, contents and tools for e-learning in the field of Electronics. Here the main projects are a tool for design and simulation of embedded systems (based on Digital Devices, Finite State Machines and Microcomputers) and a remote laboratory to practice with on line experiments on basic analog electronics. These tools are exploited in education. The group is also active in the research of virtual environments to model the learning process and in the development of flexible knowledge management services for learning applications. The Web 2.0 technologies are the foundation of this work and they are applied also to explore, promote and exploit information in the domain of culture heritage.

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Distributed Measurement Systems

This research activity aims to the study of distributed systems for cooperative sensing and measurement. In particular, we are interested in the characterization of reference models, architecture and abstraction mechanisms for the interoperability of sensors, instrumentation, procedures, interfaces and applications. The research results are applied to the development of innovative solutions for monitoring, control and diagnostic of complex systems. The research addresses different scenarios, including Wireless Sensor Networks, RFID, and Grid of measurement devices.

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MPU and DSP Based Electronic Systems Design

The research activities address study and set up of development tools for the design and the simulation of embedded system and multimedia processor architecture, supporting advanced multimedia application such as image, video and audio coding and their transmission on mobile (Low Power) devices. Design of DSP architectures for real-time applications.

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