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electronic systems and networking group
dibe - university of genoa - italy

DMS Publications

Chapters in books

A. Bagnasco, D. Cipolla, A. Poggi, A. M. Scapolla, "Service-oriented architectures for distributed cooperative instrumentation Grids", in "Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation", edited by Franco Davoli, Norbert Meyer, Roberto Pugliese, Sandro Zappatore, Springer, in press

A. Bagnasco, G. Parodi, A. M. Scapolla, "Exposing Measurement Instruments as Grid Services" in "Distributed Cooperative Laboratories: Networking Instrumentation, and Measurements" edited by Franco Davoli, Sergio Palazzo, Sandro Zappatore, SPRINGER SCIENCE+BUSINESS MEDIA, INC., April 2006, ISBN 0387298118

A. Bagnasco, A.M. Scapolla, "A Grid of Remote Laboratory for Teaching Electronics", in Towards the Learning Grid, Advances in Human Learning Services", Volume 127 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Edited by: P. Ritrovato, C. Allison, S.A. Cerri, T. Dimitrakos, M. Gaeta and S. Salerno, November 2005, 252 pp., ISBN 1-58603-534-7


A. Bagnasco, A. Boccardo, P. Buschiazzo, A. Poggi, A.M. Scapolla, "A service-oriented educational laboratory for electronics", Transactions on Industrial Electronics, accepted for publication

A. BAGNASCO, D. CIPOLLA, D. OCCHIPINTI, A. PREZIOSI, A.M. SCAPOLLA, "Application of Web Services to Heterogeneous Networks of Small Devices", WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, Issue 5, Volume 3, May 2006, pp. 940-945 - ISSN 1790-0832

Bagnasco A., Chirico M., Scapolla A.M., Amodei E., "Improving Automation And Reuse in TLC Testing Through COTS-based Architecture", IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, Vol. 17, N. 3, March 2002.

Bagnasco A., Chirico M., Parodi G., Scapolla A.M., "Le Tecnologie di Rete e l'Automazione Industriale: un Sistema di Supervisione Web-based", Alta Frequenza - Rivista di Elettronica, Vol. 13, N. 6, Novembre-Dicembre 2001.

Bagnasco A., Chirico M., Scapolla A.M., "Tecnologie Web per il Controllo Remoto di Processi Industriali", Automazione e Strumentazione, ANIPLA, N. 3, March 2001.


A. Bagnasco, P. Buschiazzo, D. Ponta, A.M. Scapolla, "A Learning Resources Centre for simulation and remote experimentation in electronics", PETRA 2008, Athens, Greece, July 2008

A. Bagnasco, P. Buschiazzo, L. Carlino, A.M. Scapolla, “A Service Oriented Wireless Sensor Network for power metering”, INGRID 2008, Lacco Ameno, Italy, April 2008

M. Altosole, M. Figari, U. Campora, A. Bagnasco, S. D'Arco, M. Giuliano, V. Giuffra, A. Spadoni, A. Zanichelli, S. Michetti, M. Ratto, "Real Time Simulation of the Propulsion Plant Dynamic Behaviour of the Aircraft Carrier "Cavour"", INEC-2008, 9th International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany, 1-3 April, 2008

Andrea Bagnasco, "The RFID & sensor networks convergence", ID WORLD 2007, The Sixth World Summit on Automatic Identification, Milan, Italy 26-28 November, 2007

M. Altosole, M. Figari, A. Bagnasco, L. Maffioletti, "Design and Test of the Propulsion Control of the Aircraft Carrier "Cavour" Using Real-Time Hardware in the Loop Simulation", 2007 EURO SIW Conference, Genoa, Italy, June 18-20, 2007

Andrea Bagnasco, Davide Cipolla, Arianna Poggi, Anna Marina Scapolla, "Service-oriented architectures for distributed cooperative instrumentation Grids", INGRID 2007, 2nd International Workshop on distributed cooperative laboratories, Santa Margherita Ligure/Portofino, Italy, April 16-18, 2007

Andrea Bagnasco, Arianna Poggi, and Anna Marina Scapolla, "A Grid-Based Architecture for the Composition and the Execution of Remote Interactive Measurements", 2nd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, 4-6 December 2006, Amsterdam, Netherland - ISBN 0-7695-2734-5

Bagnasco A., Chirico M., Scapolla A.M., Amodei E., "XML Data Representation for Testing Automation", 2002 IEEE AUTOTESTCON, in proc. IEEE Systems Readiness Technology Conference, Huntsville, Alabama, USA, October 14 - 17, 2002.

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