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electronic systems and networking group
dibe - university of genoa - italy



The activity of the Smart Embedded Application Laboratory focuses on the following basic threads:
* Computational intelligence - models and applications
* Objective assessment of visual quality
* Security - intelligent data processing and video-surveillance
* Embedded system - design and realization
* Network Security - intelligent methods for Intrusion Detection and Defense
Research in these threads typically adopts a multi-discliplinary approach from different viewpoints, mainly taking into account performance effectiveness, general application value, and implementation efficiency.

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The activity focuses on methods and algorithms for advanced information processing and their implementation on electronic systems. SmartLab know-how includes state-of-the-art methods for the analysis and processing of information and the induction of models from experimental data, based on statistical and artificial intelligence techniques.
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ISILab (Internet Shared Instrumentation Laboratory ) aims at studying solution for remote control of instrumentation both to deliver remote access to experiments of electronics for education, and to monitor devices in different industrial contexts.

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The activities of Wireless Identification and SEnsing (WISE) laboratory are about Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).
In the field of WSN, WISE is developing platforms for environmental monitoring (indoor and outdoor) that are characterized by low cost, low power consumption, compliance to standards (IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee), and a flexible design to suit diverse requirements. All the nodes of the WSN have computational power and can pre-elaborate the data, in order to minimize the exchange of data. Each node can be equipped with different sensors (temperature, humidity, lightness, noise, gas, images...). The nodes have functionality of both acquisition and communication systems, thus it is possible to deploy autonomous multihop architectures where no communication infrastructure exists. The nodes are battery powered and, thanks to strategic communication techniques, can work autonomously for long time periods.
We have already applied to projects in the field of:
* energy management for buildings - acquisition of detailed data about to the energy consumption in large buildings.
* photovoltaic plants monitoring - monitoring of the working parameters of each string in large photovoltaic plants, in order to optimize the generated power.
* e-agricolture - acquisition and fusion of environmental data and pest insect populations for the olive culture.
WISE is a cooperation between Academia and private companies (FOS Group, ESAControl).

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