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electronic systems and networking group
dibe - university of genoa - italy

Distributed Measurement Systems

Involved persons: A. Bagnasco, P. Buschiazzo, L. Carlino, G. Parodi, A. Sansalone, M. Scapolla.

Wireless identification and sensing

The aim of this research line is to pinpoint the new possibilities offered by the synergic application of  RFID and WSN state-of-the-art technologies into real-world contexts.
The WSN have been created for collecting data coming from large and very large environments, characterized by the absence of communication facilities, with high spatial resolution. At the contrary, RFID devices were born as information containers, able to provide the easy identification of a mobile object, and its tagging with proper data. For some aspects, these technologies are today moving to a convergence point. From one hand, the RFID are becoming more and more capable of acquiring data directly from the field, and, from the other hand, WSN are adopting communication strategies that have been typical of the RF-ID world. The result is a partial overlap, and for a given application one technology may be more effective than the other, both in term of performances and costs.
The technological area of competence and interest includes: IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee standards, Near Field Communication, and RFID LF, HF, and UHF. Main fields of application are in the Industrial, Environment, Healthcare and Logistics areas.

People: G. Parodi, A.Bagnasco, L. Carlino
WISE laboratory

Internet-based remote measurements, diagnostics & controls - Grid of measurement devices

We pionereed the adoption of Internet-based solutions to the challenging field of supervisory control and data acquisition and are still involved in the design and the implementation of innovative sw architectures based on consolidated ICT technologies, and customized according the specific characteristics of the industrial plants, and the needs of safety, security, and performance.
As natural evolution of the adoption of Internet techologies in the field of measurement, we are now studying the application of the grid technologies in the same field. The remote operation of measurement instruments and devices has brought great changes in measurement methods, but it is still difficult to share measurement instrumentation and exchange measured data among organizations. Each one has its own security policy and adopts a proper technology in accessing and controlling measurement devices. An effective measurement  system, offering interoperability, collaboration, intelligence, dynamic interconnection and seamless access to the distributed measurement resources, is the main focus of our research.

People: G. Parodi, A.M.Scapolla, A.Bagnasco, P.Buschiazzo



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